We bring the best things

We are committed to continuous sell-improvement in all aspects of our business activities. We make sure to keep our environment clean so as to keep up with the Arab tradition of living in balance with wildlife and respecting nature.

EXCELLENTIA ENERGY offer its clients, a comprehensive line of project services from planning to engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning.

EXCELLENTIA ENERGY has the ability to deliver solutions to complex and sophisticated customer requirements regardless of size and scope of project.

 • Steel Fabrication
 • Equipment Fabrication
 • Heat Exchanger Fabrication
 • Machinery Fabrication
 • Aluminum Fabrication

 • Corrosion inhibitor painting.
 • Sacrificial anodic protection coating
 • Top coating with different bases
 • Acid resistant, Anti-corrosion, heat resistant, and chemical resistant coating \ metallic & concrete.

A multiple service provider under single roof window encompassing all services required during plant shutdowns.
 • Plan Shutdown
 • Specialized areas shutdowns
 • Turnkey Shutdown services

 • Mechanical maintenance
 • Instrumentation
 • Equipment isolations
 • Refactory Services 
 • Skid mounted equipments

 • Electrical maintenance
 • Electrical installations
 • Lightning Protection

- Cost effective collection
- Full compliance with the regulations
- Proven Technologies

EXCELLENTIA ENERGY offers the service of company representation of internationally qualified manufactures, traders, distributors service providers, technology providers etc. with our well established local Oil, Gas, Power & Petrochemical industrial companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain

EXCELLENTIA ENERGY Offering legal support for conducting business in the Kingdom of Bahrain and provision of local support in all various aspects.