Excellentia Energy is one of the leading General trading companies in Kingdom of Bahrain.

With its international expertise in the oil, gas, power and water, private industrial projects, construction, petrochemical industries, along with a reputation for progressive and innovative approaches to business, it has experienced rapid expansion and prosperity. We are providing the latest technology of material, products and services to fulfill our customers' requirements in the region through the cooperation of our international reputed principal companies.

EXCELLENTIA ENERGY is located in the heart of Kingdom of Bahrain. It has established itself as an integrated commercial, industrial and service organization positioning as one of the leading general trading business houses in the kingdom of Bahrain. EXCELLENTIA ENERGY is in a good position to serve the clients with timely delivery and quality products.

EXCELLENTIA ENERGY represents many of the world's leading companies and continuously works towards adding better resources for the benefits of clients.


Company Profile
 Excellentia Energy with an objective of resourcing and make available the requirement of high quality, latest technology of engineering products, materials, chemicals and services to the ever growing on shore and offshore Oil & Gas, petrochemical industries, Hydro carbon Power/water sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The company is now a full-fledged general trading house with an emphasis on supply & service to diverse sectors of the industry.
The organization was founded by His Excellency H.E. SHAIKH NAWAF BIN IBRAHIM AL-KHALIFA to cater to specific requirements for chemicals, engineering products and major equipment tailored to the needs of large industries in the hydrocarbon, power and water sectors
Excellentia Energy is involved in the procurement and the company's engineering trade arm offers precision products such as heat exchangers, pressure Vessels, filtration systems, Valves, Line Pipes, Steel Structures etc. Core strength at Excellentia Energy is the new technologies and solutions which Excellentia Energy offer for the power, oil and gas and water sectors. EXCELLENTIA ENERGY always one-step ahead in trading of all most all major specialty chemicals required for oil, gas and other related industrial sectors in the Bahrain.
Apart from its role as trader, supplier and provider of high-grade chemicals, engineering and technology products, Excellentia Energy also offers services related to industrial, manufacturing, ports and shipping and oil, gas and petrochemicals sectors
Excellentia Energy fills a market gap for knowledge and engineering proficiency to offer the Bahrain’s oil, gas and hydrocarbon sectors specialist support and state of the art tools and products. The company's objective is to offer clients international expertise for local products, and ensure reliable excellence in infrastructure and projects.
Excellentia Energy is constantly sourcing new products and services from its Principals, manufactures and suppliers that share Excellentia Energy's reputation for excellence and are well-known internationally to meet the needs of the region's rapidly evolving oil, gas and energy sectors. The company's ethos of building long-term relationships that rest on a shared bedrock of diligence and quality has resulted in the company being recognized as a regional market leader and looking to expand internationally. Excellentia Energy's success stems from a team of inspired individuals who excel in a results-oriented environment.