Growth and Prosperity for Bahrain

aligned with kingdom's economic vision 2030


Oil and Gas Production

in a environmentally safe manner

About US

EXCELLENTIA ENERGY is one of the leading General trading companies in Bahrain. With its international expertise in the oil, gas, power and water, private industrial projects, construction, petrochemical industries, along with a reputation for progressive and innovative approaches to business, it has experienced rapid expansion and prosperity. We are providing the latest technology of material, products and services to fulfill our customers' requirements in the region through the cooperation of our international reputed principal companies.

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Chairman's Message

"EXCELLENTIA ENERGY is dynamic, transparent and socially responsible group that is committed to walk the extra miles to fuel the regional economy and improve lives through various business activities. At EXCELLENTIA ENERGY, we have a quest for growth. But growing honorably is our code. We strive to be a regional leader in all our businesses but accurately identifying and managing business opportunities by establishing strategic alliances through reputable international companies with outstanding track records. At the same time, we rely on our past experience and core business principles for the strength and courage needed to move forward in this ever changing environment. Today, more than ever we are committed towards building our future through environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art technology and modern management principles. Last but not least, the strength of EXCELLENTIA ENERGY lies in the support of our clients, Principals and community. We are ever thankful to them for making us what we are today.




We bring the best things

We are committed to continuous sell-improvement in all aspects of our business activities. We make sure to keep our environment clean so as to keep up with the Arab tradition of living in balance with wildlife and respecting nature.

EPC contracting & Project handling

EXCELLENTIA ENERGY offer its clients, a comprehensive line of project services from planning to engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning.


EXCELLENTIA ENERGY has the ability to deliver solutions to complex and sophisticated customer requirements regardless of size and scope of project.

 • Steel Fabrication
 • Equipment Fabrication
 • Heat Exchanger Fabrication
 • Machinery Fabrication
 • Aluminum Fabrication

Paints & Coatings

 • Corrosion inhibitor painting.
 • Sacrificial anodic protection coating
 • Top coating with different bases
 • Acid resistant, Anti-corrosion, heat resistant, and chemical resistant coating \ metallic & concrete.

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